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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Garden Story

One day I was pulling weeds from the backyard. All the plants that gives a slight resemblance to weeds were removed immediately. Afterwards I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood. My next door neighbour has a gorgeous garden.  Amongst the spring flowers that were blossoming, a plant with yellow flowers caught my attention. I have an impulse to pluck out that horrible dandelion. But since it was not my garden I decide to leave it alone. 

A while later, after sunset, I was pleasantly surprised. The "dandelions" have all closed up. The weeds were actually sunflowers. I am glad I have waited.

Sometimes we also have urges to "pluck" out people in our lives, which we deem as "weeds". But with patience and an ounce of love, we might be discover those weaknesses are assets. Yes whether  a  plant is a flower or weed depends on our perspective.  

The Cherry Blossoms around Vancouver are still  so beautiful after the rain.

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