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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Salted Air

Vibrant red earthy soil, breezy salted air , live lobsters dipped in melted butter, are things I love about the Maritime. It is a distinct frontier of Canada, tucked away in the sleeve of  the Atlantic.  There are no fancy restaurants or glamourous hotels, but it offers the beauty of nature untouched by man and  a priceless sense of tranquility. Retracing the footsteps of Lucy Montgomery through the Haunted Forest and Lovers Road made me believe I am quite suit in being the country girl. 

On our way to the Maritime we also past by Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. One of my highlights is the New France Festivals. Every year in the bright summer of Old Quebec, there hosted a New France Festival .  Metis warriors, elegant French Ladies with their laced umbrellas, and the odd Johnny Depp strides the cobble streets. Adorned with the soothing harp music and bustling street vendors this historic military fortress became a gem of the city, adored by locals and tourists alike. 

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