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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

In celebration of completing four weeks of boot camp, and with the golden crisp Autumn weather at hand, we decided to venture off on a hike. Located in Squamish Chief Provincial Park, the total distance of eleven kilometre takes approximately six hours to finish. There are three peaks all together, the South, Central and North. Both South and Central peaks overlook the stunning scenes of Howe Sound and Squamish River. The North Peak includes view of several peaks in Garibaldi Provincial Park. This is a dog friendly trail too, I am so happy to hike along furry friends~ The sight of a husky in the evergreen forest is just breath taking. 

Eventually before reaching the peak, the hike's difficulty escalated,  the assistance of metal chains was required to haul ourselves up the steep slopes. The reward was not at all disappointing. The towering cliff is not fenced and you can literally "roll off the cliff ". It might be dangerously slippery on a rainy day, or if you are hiking with a prankster. I stood there with my companions, shivering not of the wind, but at how awe inspiring Jehovah creation is. 

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