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Friday, 14 February 2014


Two weeks has past since I got back, should have start with a holiday post, but the amount of photos I greedily took might take hopelessly long to edit. So I decided to start with what I can. 

After unpacking and putting my home back to order, I was able to enjoy some of the souvenirs from my trip. Some may say I am strange because I find more joy in throwing things away than buying. However of the things I do buy, I truly love. This time I got myself a beau blue teacup from Franc Franc, which an expert in antiques meticulously helped me pick out :) , a set of gold spoons, and the most delicate green tea white chocolate cookies. Coincidentally, they can be "consumed" in a single setting. 

Trying to get back into exercising, I went to QE park. But I changed my mind when I saw the Botanical garden dome. It was currently under reno, but it was still opened. I have lived in Canada for almost twenty years but never once did I enter, well the souvenir shop was as far as I've got….. but it is never too late to discover this gem. However it breaks my heart when I asked the staff whether the parrots can fly. He said " Their wings are chipped, it is for our benefit." Is it really our benefit to build our happiness or other's misery? I am confident the answer is a definite "No". But just seeing how resilient the parrots are against the inhumane treatment made me admire their beauty even more. They really taught me a powerful lesson. 

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