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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Snow Blossom & Peony

I would drive pass the Memorial South Park everyday. It is just a humble neighbourhood park, yet from day one since I moved in, I was enchanted. During the magic hour, the sun would stream through the fog, making the dew covered grass minty green. The cherry blossoms shimmered invitingly, greeting the city good morning. During this shoot though, it was nothing like that. The sky was gray, rain was pouring down hard and the wind was bone chilling. Nevertheless the charm is not lost.
Umbrella is my ultimate weakness. I observed that it has became my custom to bring an ( or several ) umbrella back every time from my Asia trip. My mother bought several back from Japan herself during her honeymoon, and praised them numerous times for their beauty and durability. This is how I fooled myself into loving rainy days.  I felt like I traveled back in time whenever I open this, and to me that is a great feeling :) This particular umbrella is very special, when it is dried it is just peachy pink, but when it rains, patterns of cherry blossoms would appear. 
So let it rain :) 

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