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Monday, 17 October 2016

The Colours of Caribbean ~ Honeymoon

                                              San Juan

Loving my experience cruising the  Eastern Mediterranean, with scrumptious food, impeccable service, lively entertainment, I suggested another trip on the boat for our honeymoon. It was quite funny because my Mediterranean trip was on Reflection, the sister boat of Silhouette. The colour scheme, names of restaurants , layout was completely the same. However this time would only get better as I am with my better half.

Dancing shadows against beautiful pastel coloured European buildings, sweet caramelized donuts from local street vendors greeted us on our first port on the ten days Caribbean exploration on the Silhouette. It was late afternoon when we arrived, the orange glow of the sun through the willow breeze made it so enjoyable. We visited an ancient military fortress Castillo San Felipe del Morro. It was full of tunnels so soldiers can relocate away from the eyes of enemies.

                                                              St Kitts and Nevis

"Don't worry be happy" is the theme song of the island. We were fortunate enough to be whisk away by the local tour bus . The ocean breeze more than compensate for the lack of AC, as we sped along the dusty coastal line, humming along to the Caribbean tune we can't be in a happier mood. All the troubles melt away and I can feel that life here is really pure and simple. Why frown when we have a choice to smile. Our driver prepared a Cuba Libre ( rum, coke and lime) for us and it is easily the tastiest thing I ever had.

St. Maarten

The turquois water, white sand and lush palm tree adorns this island surreally. It almost felt like a island that Disney put together. Many artisans and local businesses flourished in the strip. It is a perfectly relaxing environment to walk aimlessly, or enjoy a pina colada while digging your toes in the warm fine sand.

Fort Lauderdale

Our dear friend Daniel, generously treated us for a two night stay at Fort Lauderdale, right by the beach. It was a little town bustling with cruise ships and tourists. Performances lingered deep into the night , but we seemed to have an overdose of vacation at the time ( if that is even possible), and chose to stay in our little suite for a night of basketball game with pizza and Häagen-Dazs smoothie

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