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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Love Story of Ant and Peony

  Once upon a time there was a beautiful peony bush in the garden. She was the acclaimed princess among the flowers. Different animals  all came to admire her beauty, waiting for the jewel-like round flower buds to blossom, but she turned them away with her arrogance. In her eyes, none of them were good enough to be her friend. So she refused to bloom, she was actually very lonely hiding behind her arrogance. Slowing before she realizing it, her heart became cold. When the time came for her to bloom, she was shocked to find that she couldn't, even her leaves began to droop down and started to wilt.

" Do you need help? " a little voice called out. The discouraged Peony looked around but saw no one. "I am here" the little voice called out again. Finally Peony saw a dark little face staring right at her. It was an ant, the least glamorous of all the insects, but  his face looked so comforting and almost handsome in the late afternoon sun. Peony wondered why she had never noticed this before. Before Peony had time to reply, the little ant waved to his gangs, his friends, and his family and to her dismay they started nibbling on her precious flower buds. She wanted to protest telling them to stop and go away, but surprisingly she felt lighter and happier. The little ant worked patiently and diligently, nibbling gently on the sugary wax that coated the flower buds, it seemed like he can never be full of this delicacy. Finally the Peony buds started to open up. His little feet and hands unfurl the petals one by one , dancing playfully between the folds, soon the Peony is once again the crown jewel of the garden. The animals all came to admire her beauty once more. She even made a few new friends, yet she was forever grateful for that little ant who didn't give up on her when everyone else did. He was not the prince charming that she hoped for but he was all that she needed. They remained best friends from that day forward.

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