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Monday, 30 March 2015

Jonathan & Yuriko

I have always adore the Japanese culture, so I was so very honoured to shoot three Japanese weddings in a row~ Yuriko is such a classical Kyoto beauty. Maybe I watched too many Japanese dramas, but I can totally see her living in the era of the samurai. She and Jonathan met through mutual friends and dated long distance. It is so touching that their love is not dampened by the long distance or the downpour of the day. Surrounded by closest friends and family, some of whom flew in from abroad, they begin their wonderful journey of being a married couple. 

One of the thing that I can't help noticing, and impressed me tremendously, is how multicultural their bridal party was, included in the mix were Filipino, Japanese, Vietnamese, Caucasian, and Cambodian.  I am pretty certain I am not a prejudice person, but like other people, I tend to stay within my comfort zone, associating with people with the same cultural background. It is such an eye opener when different ethnic groups can be such close friends. 

Thank you so much for viewing ~~~

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