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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hosting November

One of the things that gives the most joy, is hosting gathering for my dearest friends. Due to limitation in space, and my cooking, only be a selected few are invited each time. But I tried my best to invite different ones each time.

Whenever there is a gathering, I face a dilemma, I wish I can be "Mary and Martha" at the same time if you know what I mean. I finally came up with a solution, pacing myself, and prepare the event several days in advance. 

Following my "formula of success", although it was a six courses dinner, the preparation was relatively stress free. My glamorous friend Camilla suggested that we have a "soup" theme. My other guests were a little worried as to how many bowls of liquid they are required to consume. In the end, being as considerate as I am, only sample sizes of the three different  soups are given. Lisa made an impressive chicken chowder, Bon Bon and Ray contributed the delightful creme of mushroom. Camilla brought me the loveliest   bouquet of white roses.

 Playing Sherlock Holmes, solving the mystery of " Giant Rat" ends the evening on a "frou frou chi chi" note as Camilla would like to put it. 

I missed the opportunity to photograph my friends, but here are the food on the menu.