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Saturday, 18 April 2015


I have always been fascinated with masks. The glamorous masquerade balls in Phantom, Romeo & Juliet left their marks in my imagination. The hint of secrecy makes it all the more irresistible. Masks poetically portrayed the conflict between appearance and inner person. 

We are all wearing masks, as our facial features, ethnicity, clothing and demeanour can be very deceptive. However sometimes it is beneficial and even crucial to put on a mask, to clothe ourselves with the "new personality". We wear that mask temporary, pretending to be more loving, patient, happy, covering the ugliness of our imperfections. It is a painful process, a battle with one's flesh and wit. There is a constant repellent force trying to tear the mask, casting it away. Yet as we endure it, a miraculous thing will  happen; one day the mask will become part of us.

photos by Vany

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  1. Masquerade proms are really gaining a ton of popularity in recent years, and each year more and more schools all over the country are choosing a masquerade prom theme for their junior and senior proms. In these proms, the guests are required to bring in and wear a masquerade mask for at least part of the time.